• truly unforgettable

    truly unforgettable

  • full-service holiday packages

    full-service holiday packages

  • Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis

    Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis

  • Natural beauty

    Natural beauty

  • action-packed activities

    action-packed activities

  • Meet Santa

    Meet Santa

5 Top Reasons to Visit Ruka-Kuusamo, Lapland

  1. Together we offer you full-service holiday packages with high-quality accommodation in cottages, hotels and chalets; nature adventures around the year and delicious Wild Food meals.
  2. The charm of this part of the world lies in its natural beauty. The tranquil sce-nery and views from felltops overlooking the magnificent woodlands invite you to enjoy the serenity of nature. Our region houses several national parks with unique natural features and beautiful hiking routes.
  3. The never-ending light of the Midnight Sun is an experience rivalled only by the magical colours of the Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis. The darkness of autumn and winter nights is lit by millions of stars that stud the sky, and the light of the moon that creates blue shadows over the snowy landscape.
  4. We offer you plenty of action-packed activities for your holiday. Enjoy our local food made from wild ingredients that have been harvested from our lakes and forests. And have a go at maybe the best of all Finnish innovations – the sauna – best experienced on a special Sauna Tour, one of the unique features of our region.
  5. Explore the heart of Kuusamo Lapland through experiences – all genuine, wholesome, and truly unforgettable.

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