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    Experience wild food

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    Private Dining

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    Dinner prepared by world-class chefs

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    Learn from pros with culinary classes

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    Russian Theme Dinner

Theme Dinner: Chef's Table

Chef Jarmo Pitkänen offers an opportunity for small parties to enjoy the exquisite dinners of Studio Restaurant Tundra. Tundra, usually a private restaurant operating to order only, now presents Tundra Chef’s Table that is open for guests on selected days, only a few times a month. Single diners, couples, or small parties are welcome to savour the pure northern aromas of Kuusamo, flavoured with an international twist.

This exploration into a whole palette of flavours is inspired by the culinary travels of Chef Jarmo Pitkänen. His aromatic memories will guide his guests on a journey of tastes around the world. The courses of Tundra Chef’s Table dinner will be prepared from locally harvested ingredients, freshwater fish, meat, and wild herbs, that will gain an extra twist from the Chef’s favourite international aromas.