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    Experience wild food

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    Dinner prepared by world-class chefs

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Studio Restaurant Tundra

Studio Restaurant Tundra brings you the freshness of the northern wilderness on a plate. The meals served in this private restaurant meet the demands of exquisite taste. Tundra's owner and host, Chef and Ceramist Jarmo Pitkänen, is a man of multiple talents. In his downstairs Ceramics Studio he makes his line of Finnish design tableware and sculptures, well-suited as gifts or souvenirs.

The Tundra taste originates in the ruggedly beautiful Finnish wilderness. Game and fish, forest fruit and wild mushrooms flavour the dishes on your plate. The meat or fish roasted in the flames of the Tundra fireplace will pick up the age-old aroma of smoke, making your mouth water with anticipation. Studio Restaurant Tundra is located in the idyllic landscape of Ruukinvaara Hill, by the Canyon Lake Piskamojärvi in Kuusamo, North-East Finland. The restaurant serves groups up to 30 people.

Studio Restaurant Tundra Menus