• Meeting reindeer is a thing you remember

    Meeting reindeer is a thing you remember

  • Speed on the Ice

    Speed on the Ice

  • Feel and see Northern Lights

    Feel and see Northern Lights

  • Explore Kuusamo Snowmobiling

    Explore Kuusamo Snowmobiling

  • Getaway Adventures

    Getaway Adventures

  • weightlessly in the icy water

    weightlessly in the icy water

Northern lights

Experience the magic of Lapland in the middle of beautiful pure nature! Our evening programs will take you far away from street lights to see colorful lights dancing in the Northern sky.

Snowshoe hike in search of the Northern Lights 

When the night has set drive by car next to Pyhävaara and hike to the top of Pyhävaara Fell for a clear view to the Northern sky. On the way guide will share stories about the Northern lights and the northern nature. Hot drinks and sandwiches are served while we sit on reindeer hides observing the sky. The hike is altogether 6 km on a demanding terrain, which requires good basic condition. 

Duration: 3 hours
Price: 85€/person (minimum age 12 years) Incl. transfers, equipment, snacks

Snowmobile sledge ride under the stars

When the night falls and stars begin to shine, we hop on to the sledge behind the guide’s snowmobile and drive into the dark night. While the guide is focusing on the driving the group can focus looking towards the Northern sky, will there be Northern lights tonight lighting the way? Hot juice is served along the way.
Duration: 2 hours
Price: 70€/person 35€/child 4-11 years old Incl. transfers, program, hot drinks

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